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Meeting SAMs

Historical Listing - Focus Sessions SAMs: 2006-Present


2016 New Orleans, LA

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module I: Pediatric Musculoskeletal Imaging Should I Worry? (Tal Loar, MD); Overuse Injuries in the Skeletally Immature Patient - Kelley Marshall, MD; Acute Injuries Unique to the Growing MSK System - Kathleen Emery, MD; MSK Vascular Anomalies in Children Made Simple - Sarah Bixby, MD; Unique Manifestations of Tumors & Infections in Children - Diego Jaramillo, MD

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module II: Imaging of the Elite Athlete The MSK Radiologist’s Perspective (David Rubin, MD); The Team Physician’s Perspective – Misty Suri, MD


2015 Scottsdale, AZ

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module I: Imaging of The Foot & Ankle: Spring and Lisfranc Ligaments (Zehava Rosenberg, MD); Metatarsalgia: Forefoot Imaging and Plantar Plate Tear -Hilary Umans, MD; Imaging of the Post-Operative Foot and Ankle - James Linklater, MBBS


Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module II: Current Socioeconomic Issues in MSK Imaging Radiology & Medical Malpractice (Jonathan Luchs, MD); Musculoskeletal Imaging: Doomed for Commoditization - Paul Harkey, MD; Accountable Care Organizations: How the Practicing Radiologist Can Prepare and Adapt - Jonathan Flug, MD, MBA; Challenges for Radiologists in the Age of Accountable and Affordable Care - S. Yadavalli, MD, PhD


2014 San Diego, CA

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module I: Imaging of the Knee: Emphasis on the Menisci and Articular Cartilage (Donald Resnick, MD)
Meniscus of the Knee: Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Patterns of Failure with Emphasis on MR Imaging - Donald Resnick, MD
Articular Cartilage of the Knee: Regional Differences, Biomechanics, and MR Evaluation - Christine Chung, MD

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module II: Postoperative Imaging of the Upper Extremity (Lynne Steinbach, MD)
Protocols and Sequences for Post-Operative MRI of the Shoulder - Luis Beltran, MD
Rotator Cuff - Jenny Bencardino, MD
Shoulder Instability and Biceps - Lynne Steinbach, MD
Post-Operative Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty - Alice Ha, MD
Cross Sectional Imaging of the Post-Operative Elbow - Adam Zoga, MD
Post-Operative Wrist and Hand - Felix Chew, MD


2013 San Antonio, TX

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module: “Controversies & Evolving Concepts in Hip Imaging” (Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD)
Imaging and Treatment of the Snapping Hip - Donna G. Blankenbaker, MD
MRI of the Painful Hip Arthroplasty - Theodore T. Miller, MD
Conundrums in Hip Imaging - Kirk Davis, MD
Controversies and Challenges in Imaging of Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) - Michael Recht, MD

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module: “Foot to the Groin: Post-Operative Imaging of the Lower Extremity” (Adam Zoga, MD)
Postoperative Hip/Pelvis - Adam Zoga, MD
Postoperative Imaging of Knee Meniscus and Cartilage - Daniel M. Walz, MD
The Postoperative Knee Ligaments and Extensor Mechanism - Bethany U. Casagranda, DO
Postoperative Imaging of the Ankle and Foot - Imran M. Omar, MD


2012 Miami Beach, FL

Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module: Bone Marrow Imaging (Sandra Moore, MD)
Introduction to Marrow Imaging - Sandra Moore, MD
Pediatric Marrow - Tal Laor, MD
Imaging the Anemias - Mihra Taljanovic, MD, MA
New Techniques for Imaging Marrow - William Morrison, MD
Focus Session / Self-Assessment Module: Musculoskeletal Intervention (Jon Jacobson, MD)
Ultrasound-Guidance: Basic Techniques - Jon Jacobson, MD
Ultrasound-Guidance: Advanced Techniques - Kenneth Lee, MD
CT-Guidance: Soft Tissue Biopsy - Kambiz Motamedi, MD
CT-Guidance: Bone Biopsy - James Jelinek, MD


2011 Scottsdale, AZ

Focus Session/SAM 1: Radiology Safety (Lawrence White)
CT and MRI Contrast Agents: Safety Considerations - Doug W. Goodwin
MR Safety: Magnet, Hardware, and Procedures - Timothy J. Mosher
MR Safety: Gradient and RF Safety Considerations - Lawrence M. White
CT: Radiation and Dose Considerations - Michael P. Recht

Focus Session/SAM 2: Imaging of the Knee (Art DeSmet)
MR Imaging of Anterior Knee Pain - Michelle S. Barr
Imaging the Postoperative Knee - Christopher J. Hanrahan
US of the Knee: Advanced Evaluation with Focus on US-Guided Procedures - Kenneth S. Lee
MR Imaging of Meniscal Tears: Difficult & Controversial Diagnoses - Arthur A. De Smet


2010 Las Vegas, NV

Focus Session/SAMs: Extreme Extremities: Radiology of the Feet & Hands (Kirk Davis, MD); Masses of the Feet and Toes - Mark D. Murphey, MD; Imaging of Metatarsalgia - Hilary Umans, MD; The Flatfoot Terminology: Terminology and Treatment - Ken L. Schreibman, MD; Less Common Arthritides of the Feet and Hands - Donald J. Flemming, MD; Hands & Fingers Imaging the Finger Pulleys and Related Structures - William F. Conway, Ultrasound - Hands and Wrists of Rheumatology Patients in 15 Minutes or Less - Robert Lopez, MD; Masses of the Hands and Fingers - Jeff Peterson, MD; Important Wrist Ligaments - Kirkland W. Davis, MD


2009 Isle of Palm, SC

Focus Session/SAM: Advanced Sports Imaging (Michael Tuite)
Imaging of Triathlete Injuries - Michael J. Tuite
Advanced Sports Imaging I: Alpine and Snowboarding Injuries - David C. Salonen
Imaging the Overhead Throwing Athlete - Michael P. Recht
Advanced Sports Imaging II: Imaging the Injured Pediatric Athlete - Kirkland W. Davis
The Female Athlete - Carol A. Boles

2008 La Quinta, CA

Focus Session: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (Ron Adler)
Overview of MSK US - Ron S. Adler
Shoulder US - Yoav Morag
Elbow and Wrist US - Jon A. Jacobson
Break Hip and Knee US - Joseph G. Craig
Ankle - J. Antonio Bouffard
Dynamic US and US-Guided Procedures - Gregory R. Saboeiro

SAM 1: Imaging of Musculoskeletal Infection (Mihra Taljanovic)
SAM 2: Advanced MR diagnosis of Meniscal Tears (Art DeSmet)


2007 Orlando, FL

Focus Session: Tumor update (Laura Bancroft)
World Health Organization Classification - Mark Murphey
Tumor Genetics for Dummies - Julie Fanburg
Multiple Myeloma - Michael Mulligan
MR Spectroscopy - Laura Fayad
Utility of Sonography - Jon Jacobson
PET/MR Imaging for Therapy Response - Lynne Steinbach,
Optimizing Techniques in Postoperative Patients - Ken Buckwalter
Ablative Therapies - Doris Wenger
Oncologic Orthopedist‘s Perspective - Mary O‘Connor

SAM 1: MR imaging of the elbow (Andy Sonin)
SAM 2: Hip & knee prostheses and fixation devices (Tom Berquist & Mihra Taljanovic)


2006 Tuscon, AZ

Focus session: Update on imaging in inflammatory arthritis (David Rubin)
MR Imaging of Inflammatory Arthritis - Jamshid Tehranzadeh
MR Imaging for Late Complications of Inflammatory Arthritis - David A. Rubin
MR Imaging of Peripheral Arthritis: Psoriasis and Seronegative Disease - Jason S. Oliphant
MR Imaging of Deposition Diseases - Laura W. Bancroft
Imaging of Sacroiliitis - Thomas R. McCauley
Part I: New Therapies and Diagnostic Techniques in Rheumatology – Jeffrey R. Lisse
Part II: New Therapies and Diagnostic Techniques in Rheumatology – Jeffrey R. Lisse
Technique & Added Value of Ultrasound: Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Mihra S. Taljanovic
Molecular Imaging: MSK Applications - Philipp Lang