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2019 MSK Fellowship Match Update


The SSR recently submitted the official database of all MSK radiology fellowship programs that are participating in the Match to the NRMP, and we want to thank you for your communication throughout this process. The NRMP asked that we reiterate that all MSK radiology fellowships participating the Match should reach out now to their institutional DIOs regarding their intent to participate in the Match if they have not done so already. This is particularly important for MSK fellowships that are not ACGME accredited (which represents a majority of MSK fellowship programs) to ensure that there are no issues when the Match registration emails are sent to Program Directors and DIOs on March 20. The DIO must be willing to attest to oversight of the program in the Match, activate the program for participation, and approve any quota changes, withdrawals, reversions, etc. It is imperative that programs communicate now with their institutional DIO to avoid any problems when the Match opens. The attestation screens that the DIO must agree to are below for your reference:


Attestation Screen for the Institutional Official if the program is not ACGME accredited:


If the IO answers No, the following screen with two additional questions appear:


The NRMP will be sending a New Specialty Newsletter the week of February 11 which will outline the Match process for Program Directors. If you have any additional questions, please let us know how we can help. There will be a Q&A Lunch Session for all programs participating in the Match at the SSR Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 10th at 12:05pm. Please submit any questions that you would like to have addressed at this session through the following Survey Monkey link: (



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