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SCARD Radiology Fellowship Proposal


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SSR Response to SCARD Radiology Fellowship Proposal


The Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments (SCARD) recently released a statement regarding fellowship application changes for all radiology subspecialties for appointment year 2021-2022. Through the institution of the MSK Radiology Fellowship Match this year, we are already well on our way to achieving the uniform timeline desired by SCARD for fellowship applications, interviews and acceptances. In this first year of the MSK Match, 95% of eligible programs and 96% of eligible positions are represented in the Match, and all Match-ineligible programs agreed to abide by the same interview timeline established by the SSR for Match-eligible programs. We are extremely proud of the commitment and cooperation shown by all MSK training programs to make this happen, and believe that the new SCARD policy further strengthens our position in a process that is fair, transparent and conducive to building and sustaining successful MSK fellowship training programs.


That said, there are a few elements of the SCARD initiative that are different than our current guidelines. the MSK interview and Match process. We have discussed these differences with SCARD representatives, and have their support for the following given our demonstrated commitment to a process that achieves the essential goals of the new SCARD proposal through our continued participation in the MSK Match and All In Policy:


  • Interview Embargo Dates: The interview start date for MSK fellowships will coincide with the start of RSNA, and this will not be considered a SCARD policy violation.
    • Explanation: The December 1 interview start date was selected by SCARD to accommodate fellowship subspecialties that use the ERAS application service, which opens on December 1. However, MSK is not eligible for the ERAS application service because a majority of MSK fellowship programs are not ACGME-accredited. The slightly earlier start date for MSK interviews at RSNA does not unfairly impact any subset of MSK fellowship programs, and does not represent a substantial difference that favors MSK over other radiology subspecialties. Further, given the increased number of MSK candidate interviews under the Match, there are considerable benefits to conducting interviews at RSNA, minimizing time and travel costs for both programs and applicants. Therefore, this earlier interview start date will be allowed and will not be cited as a SCARD policy violation.


  • Interview Embargo Date Exception: All MSK fellowship programs participating in the MSK Radiology Fellowship Match, and all Match-ineligible MSK fellowship programs that agree to abide by the uniform interview timeline will waive their rights to the SCARD interview exception for internal, international, military and spousal candidates.
    • Explanation: The All In Policy is an essential piece of a successful, fair and transparent MSK Radiology Fellowship Match. In that spirit, we believe that an interview timeline exemption creates two “classes” of candidates that are not treated equally within the Match, and increases the likelihood that a Match violation could occur. Therefore, future Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for Match-eligible MSK programs and the Interview Timeline Agreements (ITAs) for Match-ineligible MSK programs will include a statement in which participating programs waive their rights to the SCARD interview timeline exception. The MSK interview start and end dates that are established in the SSR MOUs and ITAs will apply equally to all MSK fellowship candidates.


We thank you again for your commitment and support of this process.



SSR Executive Committee

SSR Resident and Fellow Education Committee