About Membership

SSR Membership Application and Instructions

SSR Membership Categories
Interested persons may apply for membership in the Society of Skeletal Radiology.  Before you fill out the online member application (link below) please read about the different categories to determine your membership.


SSR Membership Application Fee:  
A $75.00 application fee may be paid by phone: 847-752-6626, or you may click here: SSR Application Invoice, fill out the invoice and send payment by mail.  Fee is due at time of application submission.


Full Member Instructions
Full Members shall fulfill all the following requirements at the time of application for membership and at all times thereafter.

  1. Each shall be board certified in radiology, not currently in training, and shall be engaged in the practice of radiology within the United States or Canada.
  2. Each must devote at least 50% of his/her time to the professional practice of the broad range of musculoskeletal radiology, exclusive of time devoted to administrative duties.
  3. A candidate seeking Full Membership must be sponsored by a Full Member in good standing. The sponsor’s letter must explicitly state that the applicant meets the above requirements for membership. The letter must also include the percentage of his/her time devoted to MSK.


International Member Instructions
International Members are those Members who spend at least 50% of their professional practice in musculoskeletal radiology (exclusive of time devoted to administrative duties), but who live outside the geographic area of the United States or Canada. They must be board certified in radiology and not be currently in a training program. Candidates for International Membership must be sponsored by a Full Member in good standing. The sponsor’s letter must explicitly state that the applicant meets the above requirements for membership.

International Members shall have all the rights of Full Members, except the right to vote, hold office, and sponsor new members. They shall be required to pay the same dues and assessments that Full Members pay. International Members may request to be transferred to Full Membership when the Member works and resides in the United States. Transfer will be subject to approval by the Membership Committee.


Member-in-Training (MIT) Instructions
MIT candidates shall be persons who are participating in a musculoskeletal imaging fellowship in the United States or Canada (or a fellowship with at least 50% of training devoted to musculoskeletal imaging) when applying for membership. To obtain MIT status with the Society, the applicant’s fellowship Program Director must email the Society of Skeletal Radiology ([email protected]) to confirm the applicant’s role in the fellowship program. The Director would then provide the applicant’s first and last name, as well as an email address.


Members-in-Training have same rights and benefits of a Full Member, except the right to vote, hold office, submit abstracts without a Full Member as co-author (please see complete rules at,  Presentations/Policy), or sponsor a new member.

Application for Membership
Please complete and submit the online application form; or print the pdf and mail it to the address below. Applicants Required Documents: Your current CV, and a Letter of Recommendation will need to be emailed to: [email protected], or mailed with your application fee payment to the address below.

SSR Online Membership Application Form:

Application materials and sponsoring letters should be sent to:

Society of Skeletal Radiology
1061 E. Main St, Suite 300
East Dundee, Illinois 60118
[email protected]
Phone: 847-892-7642

Completed applications will be reviewed by the membership committee for approval on a monthly basis. Successful applicants may attend the annual meeting the year after their completed application is received.

Membership Updates
Current members may update their membership information (address, telephone, e-mail) by contacting the SSR office at [email protected] or by using the profile update from the members section.