SSR Researcher Spotlight

SSR Researcher Spotlight

Ali Serhal, MD
SSR Member since 2023


Professional Background

  • Schools: Lebanese University, Université pierre et marie curie Sorbonnes Université, Northwestern University

  • Training: Musculoskeletal Imaging

  • Practice: Assistant Professor of Radiology, Northwestern University

 My Research

  • Nerve imaging (ultrasound and MR neurography)
    • Role of high-resolution ultrasound and magnetic resonance neurography in the evaluation of peripheral nerves in the upper extremity A Serhal, SK Lee, J Michalek, M Serhal, IM Omar Journal of Ultrasonography 23 (95), e313-e327
    • The role of high-resolution ultrasound and MRI in the evaluation of peripheral nerves in the lower extremity SK Lee, AM Serhal, M Serhal, J Michalek, IM Omar Journal of Ultrasonography 23 (95), e328-e346
    • Sural nerve: imaging anatomy and pathology LJ Jackson, M Serhal, IM Omar, A Garg, J Michalek, A Serhal The British Journal of Radiology 96 (1141), 20220336
    • Advanced Imaging of Upper Extremity Nerve Compression and Tunnel Syndromes A Serhal, M Serhal, J Samet Advances in Clinical Radiology 4 (1), 157-169
  • Sport Injury Imaging:
    • Imaging of Sports Injuries of the Upper Extremity A Serhal, T Hinkel, B Adams, A Garg, IM Omar, J Youngner Advances in Clinical Radiology 3, 203-216
    • Role of dynamic ultrasound of the elbow with valgus stress in evaluating baseball players with medial elbow pain and suspected ulnar collateral ligament pathology. Bisbee C, Hackler P, Michalek J, Gryzlo S, Omar IM, Serhal A. SSR 2023.

About Me

Who am I outside of work?
  • Full time father for three kids (4 years, 3 years and 2 weeks!)

  • I like to spend quality time with my wife, family and friends

  • I like to travel.

 My “Two Cents”

Keep learning, never say I know enough. There is life outside radiology, be mindful of burnout.