SSR Researcher Spotlight

SSR Researcher Spotlight

David Gimarc, MD
SSR Member since 2018


Professional Background

  • Texas A&M University undergrad; Georgetown University SOM

  • Residency at University of Colorado; MSK Fellowship at University of Wisconsin

  • Assistant Professor at University of Colorado; DR Program Director

  • Standards and Guidelines Committee Co-Chair

 My Research

  • As many of my clinical interests include image-guided musculoskeletal intervention, lots of my academic work relates to concepts and descriptions of procedures

    • Cement augmentation – including novel transpedicular-transdiscal technique, patient selection

    • Ablation of MSK tumors; most notably desmoid fibromatosis cryoablation

    • Pain injection techniques and optimization

  • As a program director, I also evaluate characteristics and trends in training including  recruitment and selection (like the match!)

  • I collaborate with the bioengineering department at CU in studying morphological (femoral shape, muscle) and physiological differences in patients who have undergone lower extremity amputations

About Me

Who am I outside of work?
  • Father to 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter with wife of 14 years
  • Thoroughly amateur (trail) runner – training for first ultra!
  • I’m not sure there’s a type of food or drink I won’t eat (or at least willingly try)

 My “Two Cents”

  • Mentors are absolutely key to professional (and to some degree, personal) development and success.  It’s a plural concept, so collect some! Make sure you show gratitude and appreciation of everyone’s time and remember that mentorship is a 2-way street!
  • Be willing to say “yes” to many opportunities – especially early on (including challenging ones); also learn when you really need to say “no thanks”