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Gray's AnatomyTextbook and images from the classic anatomy textbook.
Musculoskeletal MRIAnnotated MRI studies of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. On-line scrolling capability.
University of Washington, Anatomy ModulesAnatomy modules with radiographs and MRI correlation.
University of Washington, Muscle AtlasAtlas of upper and lower extremity muscles with origins and insertions.
E-AnatomyInteractive cross sectional imaging atlas of human anatomy including an
extremity subsection
CASES Descriptions
One Case A Day (OCAD)Collection of cases contributed by national and international MSK subspecialists
CTisusExtensive collection of CT case studies. Limited annotation.
European Association of RadiologyCase studies with moderate to extensive annotation.
London South Bank UniversityCase studies focusing on radiographic studies. Limited annotation.
MedPix, Medical Image DatabaseOnline Peer Reviewed Radiology Teaching Files from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Extensive annotation.
RSNA MIRC (Medical Imaging Resource Center) SiteOnline Teaching File Database with ability to query multiple teaching files.
MSK Education Descriptions
Bonetumor.orgWebsite devoted to providing information about bone tumors with some radiologic case studies.
NEW* Imaging Atlas   A practical comprehensive visual guide to the complex imaging appearance of axial spondyloarthritis in clinical practice.
by Dr. Walter Maksymowych and SSR member Dr. John O’Neill
(Limited Time Free Download)
LearningRadiology.comEducational website providing lectures, notes, images, and quizzes.
Stanford MSKEducational videos provided by Christopher Beaulieu, MD, and Stanford University.
Wheeless' Textbook of OrthopaedicsDynamic online medical textbook of orthopaedics.
TUTORIALS Descriptions
Arthritides of the Foot: An Interactive AtlasWeb-based atlas of foot arthritides.
Arthritides of the Hand: An Interactive AtlasWeb-based atlas of hand arthritides.
ESIMR Imaging AppsEssential Imaging in Rheumatology - This is a joint project between rheumatology and radiology to increase awareness and understanding of the indications, assessment and impact of imaging in rheumatological disease.
Interactive Atlas of Signs in Musculoskeletal RadiologyAtlas of common and not so common signs used in Musculoskeletal Radiology.
MRI of Soft Tissue Pathology of the FootOnline exhibit demonstrating the common and rare soft tissue pathology that may occur in the plantar soft tissues of the foot with specific MRI findings.
University of VirginiaOnline interactive tutorial providing an introduction to radiology. Links to multiple different learning modules.
University of Virginia, Imaging of the Cervical SpineSelf tutorial for residents and medical students to learn to assess radiographs in acute cervical spine trauma with a step by step approach.
University of Virginia, Pediatric RadiologySelf tutorial for residents and medical students to learn to assess radiographs in pediatric radiology (musculoskeletal section included).
University of Virginia, Skeletal TraumaSelf tutorial for residents and medical students to learn to assess radiographs in cases of skeletal trauma.
University of Washington, Evaluation of Adult Foot AlignmentOnline tutorial of radiological evaluation of adult foot alignment.
RadsourceFocused high quality MSK specific articles
Society of Skeletal Radiology Meeting Poster SessionsPoster sessions from past annual meetings of the SSR
Society of Skeletal Radiology SAMsSAMs from past annual meetings of the SSR
University of Washington MSKLinks to various MSK tutorials


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