Committee Information

Committee Information
Job Description and Expectations for Committee Membership


Audit Committee: The members of the Audit Committee should have a basic understanding of accounting principles.  The Chair is responsible for reviewing the findings of the yearly audit and reporting those findings at the annual SSR meeting. Committee membership lasts 6 years.


Electronic Learning Committee: Members will be highly computer literate with prior experience in planning, programming and maintaining web sites. Consistent attendance at the SSR annual meeting is required. Committee membership lasts 3 years.


Executive Committee: The officers of the Society shall be the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and immediate Past President. The Executive Committee shall perform the duties customarily expected of Board of Directors of non-profit corporations; shall be empowered to carry out the business of the Society between meetings of the Membership, shall control and manage the affairs, funds, expenditures, and investments of the Society; and see to the safekeeping or sale of all its valuable property. 

Committee Rotation: Every 2 years; Committee Size: 5
Committee Responsibilities:
The President shall be presiding officer of the Society, Chair of the Executive Committee and member ex-officio of all committees. The President shall perform all of the duties which custom and parliamentary practice are commonly associated with the office of President, and shall appoint committees (other than regular committees) and representatives, as necessary.
In the absence of the President, of if the President is unable to act, the duties shall be performed by the President-Elect. The President Elect shall be a member of the Executive committee and shall be the Chair of the Program Committee.
The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a correct and permanent record of the proceedings of the Society; shall keep a correct alphabetical list of the Members of the Society, showing their current addresses, the year of their election, and the classification of their Membership; and shall make available copies of the list to Members of the Society each year. The Secretary shall be a Member of the Executive Committee and Program Committee and an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee. The Secretary shall be responsible for all activities related to securing a site for the Annual Meeting.
The Treasurer shall collect, receive, and be accountable for all funds of the Society; shall, with the President and President Elect be empowered to disburse from the Treasury such funds only upon order of the Executive Committee.


Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is responsible for advising the Executive Committee on matters concerning the financial well-being of the Society including, but not limited to, investment of Society funds and the development of industry grants for education and research activities of the Society. Committee membership lasts 3 years.


Historical Committee: The Historical Committee will work to foster preservation of the history of the Society, and its role in the growth of Musculoskeletal Imaging. The committee will work with the Society’s management group to ensure that proper historical files, records, and milestones are documented, maintained, and properly stored. Committee membership lasts 3 years.


Membership Committee: The Membership Committee reviews the applications for SSR membership. Committee members evaluate the qualifications of the applicants and determine their validity according to the Bylaws. Committee membership lasts 4 years.


Nominating Committee: This committee nominates candidates for SSR officers, to be voted on by the membership at the SSR annual meeting during even numbered years. Duties also include appointment of members and chairs to the SSR standing committees. Attendance at the SSR annual meeting is mandatory. Familiarity with the membership and prior experience on other committees is helpful. This committee consists of the SSR President, the Chair of the Rules Committee, and one at-large member who serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee and is appointed for two years.


Program Committee: The Program Committee is a three-member committee comprised of the SSR President –Elect as Chair, the SSR Secretary, and one Society full member in good standing. The committee determines the location for the meeting as well as the program needs and objectives. Committee members orchestrate the various meeting components including focus session topics and speakers, special training sessions, and self-assessment modules to be presented. They review and accept those scientific papers and Cases of the Day that will be presented for discussion. This is a two year appointment.


Research Committee: This committee functions to enhance the profile of the SSR through research activities, supporting and nurturing multi-institutional collaborative research initiatives in Musculoskeletal Imaging and related sciences, and promoting the development/involvement of new investigators within the Society. Progress reports from the committee membership are required for submission to the executive committee semi-annually for review. Members of the committee should have experience with individual and collaborative research and be willing to actively contribute to enhancing membership research within the Society. Regular attendance at the SSR annual meeting and research committee meetings during the course of the annual meeting are required. Committee membership lasts 4 years.


Residency and Fellowship Education Committee: The role of the Education Committee is to enhance and facilitate the education of residents and fellows through the development of recommended curricula, maintenance of a web-based directory of musculoskeletal radiology fellowship positions, and an annual review of the directory of relevant educational web-based links on the SSR website. The Education Committee should review all ACGME and ABR regulations and report any recommended actions to the Executive Committee on an annual basis. Committee membership lasts 4 years.


Rules Committee: This committee serves to update and make corrections in the Bylaws yearly, to address any Bylaws questions that may arise throughout the year (including the annual meeting), and to present any recommended Bylaws changes at the annual business meeting for approval by the membership. Committee membership lasts 4 years.


Socioeconomic Affairs Committee: Members of this committee must be members of the American College of Radiology and should have an interest in the proceedings of the ACR and in getting involved with the ACR. Prior interactions with the ACR and/or AMA would also be helpful but not required. Members of this committee are expected to help gather socioeconomic concerns of the SSR membership and then discuss them with the committee via e-mail or conference call. All members of the SEC committee will be required to attend the yearly SSR meeting. Committee membership lasts 4 years.


Standards and Guidelines Committee: This committee interacts with other medical and radiological societies that create guidelines and standards that affect the SSR membership. The ultimate goal is to ensure that those policies reflect the high-quality musculoskeletal radiology practiced by SSR members. The main role of the committee members is to draft and edit the ACR Guidelines. This is a significant time commitment (each Guideline requires work equivalent in effort and scope to writing a book chapter or review article) during the year. The committee members should have some interest in the Guideline process, and should have experience and ability to write a well-referenced document based on published evidence. The Chairperson, in addition to dividing the Guideline work up among committee members, providing background materials to the committee members, and assisting them in their tasks, also (1) typically writes and edits a number of Guidelines himself or herself, (2) serves as the main contact person for the ACR concerning the Guidelines, and, most importantly, (3) chaperones each co-sponsored Guideline through the ACR’s complex vetting and approval process, representing the SSR to the various ACR subcommittees. The Chair also handles correspondence between various other medical societies and the SSR. Committee membership lasts 4 years.