ACR Education Award

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ACR Education Award 


Gary LiMarzi, MD; Omar Khan, MD; Yashesh Shah, MD; Corrie Yablon, MD

"Imaging of Ankle Impingement


Pardeep Athwal, MD; Megan K. Mills, MD;

Mark Mahan, MD; Kevin R. Moore, MD;

Barry G. Hansford, MD; Chrish J. Hanrahan,MD;

Anna K. McGow, MD; Sarah E. Stilwill, MD

"Traumatic and NonTraumatic Brachial Plexus Imaging: What the Practicing Radiologist Needs to Know



Usman Anwer, MD;Corrie Yablon, MD

"A Sound Approach to Peripheral Neuropathies”


Kimia K Kani, MD

"MR Imaging of Soft Tissue Injuries of the Fingers”







David Melville, MD

"Osteoarthritis of the Basal Joints of the Thumb: Imaging and Management"