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2018 SSR Annual Meeting
Austin, Texas  

Botox® vs. Alien Award
 -Robert Lopez, MD (Intramuscular Botulism Toxin Type A (Bta) Injection Facilitates Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (Awr) Of Recurrent Large-Defect Hernias)


Taenia in Austin Award
 -Connie Chang, MD (CT-Guided Discitis-Osteomyelitis Biopsies: Needle Gauge and Microbiology Results)


Man vs. Machine Award
 -Chris Beaulieu, MD, PhD (Human vs. Machine: Distinguishing Enchondroma From Chondrosarcoma With A Bayesian Network)


Moderator MAGA Melding Award 
-Chris Beaulieu, MD, PhD (Session Moderator: Emerging Technology)


Provocative Maneuver Award
-Leon Lenchik, MD (Nightly Performances)


2017 SSR Annual Meeting
Santa Barbara, California 

Thecal Impaction Award: Concluding That Radiologists use a "Fat Runner" Program, Regardless of Level of Training 

 -Anju Patel, MD (MRI Quantification of Lumbar Epidural Lipomatosis)


Climate Change Award: for "Curing" Snow-induced FAI of a Car Tire Using a Human Foot 

 -Scott Shiffman, MD (MRI MIP for Ilipsoas Snapping Hip Syndrome) 


Double Entendre Award: for Suggesting That the Male Trunnion Interacting with the Female Bore Leads to Crevice Corrosion 

 -Munib Sana, MD (MRI of ALVAL in THA Crevice Corrosion)


Graphix Award: for Showing That the Ball of the Foot is Actually a Set of Colored Bouncing Balls

 -Hilary Umans, MD (Follow-up of Plantar Plate Tears)


Bromance #1a Award: for Finishing Leon's Sentences and Answering Questions Directed to Him 

 -Robert Boutin, MD (Opportunistic Osteoporosis Screening with CT for Hip Fractures)


Bromance #1b Award: for Finishing Robert's Sentences and Answering Questions Directed to Him 

 -Leon Lenchik, MD (CT Muscle Density for Prognosis After Hip Fractures)


Bromance #2 Award: for Comparing Himself to Tom Brady Proving That Opposites Attract 

 -Adam Zoga, MD (MRI Classification of Painful Accessory Navicular Bone)


2016 SSR Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Highest ratio of slides showing pictures of buff athletes to word slides:
  # 3 Jeremy Katz, MD (Crossfit)


Highest quality study with absolutely no relevance to health care practice in the U.S.:
  # 9 Larry White, MD (Delisting spine imaging in Canada)


Best use of an archaic or clearly made-up term in an abstract title:
  # 27 Kara Gaetke-Udager, MD (Ultrasound of the Gruberi bursa)


Funniest-sounding imaging signs:
  # 12 Scott Sheehan, MD for the terms “Lateral Dip” and “Fatty Cleft,” although “Fatty Dip” would have been much better.


Best juxtaposition of correct (video) and awkward (live demo) of the slap shot:
   # 55, Adam Zoga, MD