AIRP Award

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AIRP Award

Arash Azhideh, MD, MPH
"Thermal Protection Techniques During Musculoskeletal Ablation” (Poster 50)”


Geoff Riley, MD et al. Stanford
"Liposclerosing Myxofibrous Tumor (LSMFT): How Often are Radiologists & Pathologists Diagnosing LSMFT?” (Poster 11)”


Jehan Ghany, MD; Vishal Desai, MD; William Morrison, MD; Johannes Roedl, MD, PhD; Jeffrey Belair, MD;
Adam Zoga, MD
"The Effect of Patellar Instability on the Extensor Mechanism”


Hailey Allen, MD; Megan Mills, MD; Miriam Peckham, MD; Lubdha Shah, MD; R. Kent Sanders, MD; Sarah Stilwill, MD
"MRI of the Lumbosacral Plexus: What the Practicing Radiologist Needs to Know”


Xue Susan Bai, MD; Alice S. Ha, MD; Susan Ng, MS; Katelyn Nye, BS; John M. Sabol, PhD 
"Not Your Grandma’s X-ray: Utility of Advanced Reconstruction and Visualization Methods for Digital Tomosynthesis of Bone and Joint Pathology”  


Barrett Luce, MD; Michael Fox, MD; David Diduch, MD
"Assessment of Femoral Trochlear Morphology on Cross SectionalImaging: Comparing the Dejour Classification and Quantitative Measurements in Patients Later Treated with Deepening Trochleoplasty”


Shefali Kothary, MD 
"Imaging Spectrum of Pectoralis Tears”