Health and Wellness Information

SSR is excited to announce creation of the Health and Wellness Committee. 

We have created a Health & Wellness section on the SSR website. Here, you will find 1) information about our committee along with announcements, 2) resource page with relevant articles and useful website links, and 3) an archive of posters/talks about health and wellness



Health & Wellness topics include:

Radiology Community

  • Recognition of burnout in self and others
  • Cultures
    • Difference in burnout pattern between private groups versus academic practices
    • Conflict between younger and older radiologists
      • Divergent burdens of ABR MOC participants versus “lifetime” ABR certificate holders
  • Reading room ergonomics Equity for women and under-represented minorities
  • Coping with misses, mistakes and complications 
  • Trainee-specific issues?
  • MSK practice- specific issues?
  • Teleradiology practices versus Institution/Facility-based practices


  • How to increase your reading room efficiency:
    • Reading room assistant
    • PACS/IT
    • Reading list assignments
    • Streamlining workflow/minimizing interruptions
  • Path to promotion
  • Administrative Burdens
    • Continual credentialing at multiple hospitals
    • Continual renewal of multiple state licenses
    • Continual compliance with annual training at multiple hospitals
    • Teaching and research responsibilities
    • Committee responsibilities
    • Multiple compliance responsibilities


  • Finance
    • Student loan/debt management for new graduates
    • Long term financial planning
    • Professional Disability Insurance 
  • Transitions
    • From fellowship to practice
    • Mid-career issues
    • Retirement
    • Parental Leave for Radiologists