SSR Seed Grant Research Award


2024 Seed Grant Application

SSR Seed Grant Research Award

Richard Walker, MD, FRCPC
“Posterior Horn Medial Meniscus Root Tears: Weight-bearing CT as Novel in Vitro Imaging Biomarker of Meniscal Function Post Repair”


Rianne van der Heijden, MD, PhD
“Radio-manganese PET/MRI and Shear Wave Elastography as Potential Imaging Biomarkers in Patients with Myofascial Pain”


Ryan Tai, MD
“Evaluating Social Determinants of Health and Demographic Factors in the Utilization of Musculoskeletal MRI in a Large Healthcare System”


Jonathan Samet, MD
“Rapid, Non-sedated, Non-contrast MRI for Acute Musculoskeletal Infection Workup”


Angela Atinga, MB, BChir, BA (MA Cantab), FRCR
“Predicting Response of Osteosarcoma to Chemotherapy Based on Imaging (Radiomic) Features”


Connie Y. Chang, MD
“Automated Detection of Spinal Bone Lesions on Body CTs Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network”


Naveen Subhas, MD
“Highly Accelerated Knee MRI using a Novel Deep Convoluted Neural Network Algorithm: A Multi-Reader Comparison Study”


Michael Fadell, MD
“Utilization of non-invasive MR imaging to differentiate between infectious and noninfectious fluid in septic arthritis”


Andrew B. Ross, MD; Kenneth S. Lee MD 
"Rapid MRI Protocol for the Evaluation of Potential Hip Fractures in the Elderly”


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