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The purpose of the Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR) sponsored white paper is to provide guidelines and recommendations to address challenging topics in musculoskeletal radiology using available evidence and expert opinion.  The white paper is intended to be a working guide, rather than an exhaustive review of the literature. The topics and expert panel are selected by the SSR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards Committee with oversight of the SSR Executive Committee.  The goal is to produce one white paper each year that will be presented at the annual society meeting.  The inaugural white paper was presented in 2019 at the 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Skeletal Radiology (SSR).

SSR-Sponsored White Papers


Topic: Nomenclature of Subchondral Non-neoplastic Bone Lesions

Panel: Miriam Bredella (chair), Tetyana Gorbachova (co-chair), Ian Amber, Nicholas Beckman, D. Lee Bennet, Eric Chang, Leah Davis, Felix Gonzalez, Barry Hansford, B. Matt Howe, Leon Lenchik, Carl Winalski

Presentation: 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Skeletal Radiology (SSR), Scottsdale AZ, March 2019

Publication: AJR, November 2019 Click Here for White Paper



Topic: Nomenclature for Musculoskeletal Infection on MRI

Panel: Bill Morrison (chair), Erin Alaia (co-chair), David Armstrong, Avneesh Chhabra, Micah Cohen, Joshua Farber, R. Paul Guillerman, Jan Fritz, Doug Mintz, Claus Simpfendorfer, Charles Spritzer, Josephina Vossen, Adam Zoga

Presentation:  43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Skeletal Radiology (SSR), Huntington Beach CA, Click Here for Presentation 

Publication: TBA



Topic: Guidelines for management and follow-up of incidental bone lesions

Panel: Jim Wu (chair), Connie Chang (co-chair), Shivani Ahlawat, Behrang Amini, Matthew Bucknor, Jonathan Flug, Hillary Garner, Iman Khodarahmi, Michael Mulligan, Mohammad Samim, Jeffrey Peterson, Geoffrey Riley

Presentation: 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Skeletal Radiology (SSR), Savannah GA, March 2021

Publication: TBA
Click Here for Presentation and Flow Charts



Topic: Guidelines for Use of Intravenous Contrast in MSK Imaging

Panel: Laura Fayad (chair), Jonathan Samet (co-chair), Hamza Alizai, Majid Chalian, Colleen Costelloe, Swati Deshmukh, Vivek Kalia, Sarah Kamel, Jennifer Ni Mhuircheartaigh, Jimmy Saade, Eric Walker, Daniel Wessell

Presentation: 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Skeletal Radiology (SSR), Coronado CA, March 2022

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Do you have a suggestion for a future white paper topic?

We kindly invite all SSR members to submit suggestions for future topics by clicking the link below.

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Are you interested in being a member of a white paper panel?

We are pleased to invite all SSR members with particular expertise and interest in the topic to volunteer for the panel of authors. Although we would like to involve as many interested members as possible, there are constraints based on the optimal effective size of a panel. The expectation is for the panel members to determine the white paper outline, review the relevant literature, and prepare a written document that summarizes the issues and provides recommendations, in a readily accessible format.  The panel should divide the work among its members as deemed appropriate, with the goal of producing a publication-ready draft document for presentation at the annual meeting.  The author panel and its work-product would be subject to the oversight of the SSR Executive Committee.


Naveen Subhas, MD, MPH
Practice Parameters and Technical Standards Committee
Society of Skeletal Radiology