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SSR Membership Application

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SSR Objectives
(A) To encourage and support the development of expertise in the subspecialty of musculoskeletal radiology. (B) To encourage communication among members of the musculoskeletal radiology community. (C) To encourage research in musculoskeletal radiology and related sciences. (D) To promote musculoskeletal radiology by encouraging cooperation with other branches of medicine and allied musculoskeletal disciplines.

FULL MEMBER $350.00 - Full Members shall fulfill all the following requirements at the time of application for membership and at all times thereafter: (1) Each shall be board certified in radiology, not currently in training, and shall be engaged in the practice of radiology within the United States or Canada. (2) Each must devote at least 50% of his/her time to the professional practice of the broad range of musculoskeletal radiology, exclusive of time devoted to administrative duties. MEMBER-IN-TRAINING MEMBER $75.00 - MIT Members shall be persons who are in a musculoskeletal imaging fellowship training program. MIT shall fulfill all of the following: (1) Each shall be participating in a musculoskeletal imaging fellowship in the United States or Canada (or a fellowship with at least 50% of training devoted to musculoskeletal imaging) when applying for membership. (2) Each must be Board eligible, or equivalent. (3) Each must be sponsored as a Member-in-Training by a Full Member in good standing (preferably their musculoskeletal fellowship director). The sponsor’s letter must explicitly state that the applicant meets the above requirements for MIT status in the Society. MIT have same rights and benefits as a Full Member, except the right to vote, hold office, submit abstracts without a Full Member as co-author, or sponsor new members. INTERNATIONAL MEMBER $350.00 - International Members are those Members who spend at least 50% of their professional practice in musculoskeletal radiology (exclusive of time devoted to administrative duties), but who live outside the geographic area of the United States. They must be board certified in radiology and not be currently in a training program. International Members shall have all the rights of Full Members, except the right to vote, hold office, and sponsor new members.

Membership Sponsor
Candidates for Membership must be sponsored by a Full Member in good standing. The sponsor's letter must explicitly state that the applicant meets the above requirements for membership. 

MIT Member: Submit a letter of recommendation from your Musculoskeletal Program Director; if your PD is not a Full SSR Member, an additional letter from a Full SSR Member is required.

Please have your sponsor send a supporting letter to the below mailing or email address.

Submission Instructions

Please return your: (1) completed application form (2) current curriculum vitae (3) letter of recommendation (4) and application fee to: Society of Skeletal Radiology Membership Department via email, mail, or fax:to:



Mail to:
Society of Skeletal Radiology
1061 E. Main Street, Suite 300 
East Dundee, Illinois 60118
Phone: 847-752-6626 
Fax: 847-752-6632


A $75.00 application fee is required with your submission, click here for an application fee invoice.

After membership is approved you will be invoiced for annual dues. Completed applications will be reviewed by the membership committee for approval on a quarterly basis. Successful applicants may attend the annual meeting the year after their completed application is received. (Completed applications must be received by Dec. 31 to be eligible to attend the upcoming meeting.)

Total Amount Due: $75