MSK Match for Applicants

The SSR website ( lists all MSK fellowship programs that are participating in the Match (if Match-eligible), or that have agreed to abide by the Match interview timeline (if Match-ineligible).

  • Canadian MSK fellowships are also included on the website. Canadian programs are represented in the SSR but exempt from the NRMP MSK Match, and have their own application, interview and selection process and timeline. Please contact those programs directly if you have questions or interest in applying.

The SSR will not extend member-in-training (MIT) benefits to fellowship classes that are selected during the year(s) that Match-eligible programs opt out of the Match or that Match-ineligible programs opt out of the Interview Timeline Agreement (ITA).

  • Canadian MSK fellowships are exempt from this exclusion.


Interviews can begin on November 1, 2023, and the final day of interviews will be March 31, 2024. In keeping with the SCARD announcement that all interviews should be virtual, the SSR recommends that all programs conduct virtual interviews for the 2023-2024 season. No onsite visits should be made by candidates.

Because most MSK radiology fellowship programs are not ACGME-accredited, the MSK radiology fellowship Match is not eligible for the ERAS application service. Therefore, applicants must apply individually to each program that they would like to interview at and rank.

  • The SSR has developed a Common Application Form (DOWNLOAD FORM) for programs that elect to use it. Applicants must confirm with each program to which they will apply whether the program accepts the Common Application Form or uses a unique application form, and whether additional documents (e.g. CV, personal statement) are required by each program to complete the application process.
  • Applicants are responsible for providing any additional materials required to complete their application at a particular program (e.g. CV, personal statement), and for submitting and confirming receipt of their completed application to all intended program(s).

Updates from the SSR about the MSK Match will be provided during the application, interview and Match registration and ranking process through the SSR website (, and SSR Facebook page and SSR Twitter feed (@SSRbone). There is not a separate SSR email notification list for applicants, so please make sure that you are connected to these sites.

NRMP Match registration opens on (Match Open TBD). All applicants (internal, external and international) who wish to be considered for an MSK fellowship position at a program that participates in the MSK Match must register for the Match and enter their desired program(s) on their NRMP rank list. Because the Match does not open until spring 2024, this process will occur after completion of interviews for most applicants.